460 Squadron – Collection

A collection of stories about 460 Squadron RAAF and my ‘tour of duty’.
The crew and I were only on 460 Squadron for just a few months as we each completed our 30 trip ‘tour of duty’. Still, we were proud to have played our part in a great Command, to have upheld the honour and reputation of a great Squadron and to have been numbered amongst that splendid company of men who willingly went each night in jeopardy of their lives. Here are our stories ….

460 Squadron – The crew, our stories

The crew from left to right – Ian Hall (engineer), Henry Baskerville (pilot), Harry Ellis (wireless operator), Jack Golding (mid upper gunner), Jack McQueen (rear gunner), Jack Trist (bomb aimer) and Fred Smith (navigator).
Also see the comprehensive tribute site to 460 Squadron by Laurie Woods
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13 Responses to 460 Squadron – Collection

  1. Judith Sampson says:

    Hi Laurie, Great to find your webpage. My father, Colin Wood was a navigator in the Bomber Command and flew with an Australian Pilot Andrew Anderson. Love to hear is stories. I will print off your pages and post to I’m (no web for Dad)….he will love to read your comments.

    Kind Regards – Judy
    Judy Sampson – residing in Melbourne since 1982

    • Richard Munro says:

      Hi Judy,
      I am on the committee of the Sydney based 460 Sqn Veterans & Friends Group. I would like to make contact with you, as we are building up a contacts list for all 460 Sqn Vets and their families. Please email me on Richard@munroconsulting.com.au.
      Thanks & regards,
      Richard Munro

  2. Peter Gallimore says:

    Hi.my uncle is also on this photo. Cyril Wood(navigator) of Jarrow, North East England. He’s standing just under the left hand engine, right of the tall chap with the darker uniform on(his pilot f/o Williams).incidently.my uncle’s cousin is the aussie cricketer arthur morris. His crew joked near the time of this photo that they had killed glenn Miller (Dec44)as they lost a cookie over the channel the same night or so ,that the band leader
    went missing (over the channel)……Regards. .Peter Gallimore. Gateshead. England

    • Richard Munro says:

      Hi Peter,
      I am on the committee of the Sydney (Australia) based 460 Sqn Veterans & Friends Group. I would like to make contact with you, as we are building up a contacts list for all 460 Sqn Vets and their families around the world.
      Please email me on Richard@munroconsulting.com.au.
      Thanks & regards,
      Richard Munro

  3. Vivienne Senden says:

    Hi Richard Munro,
    Hi my name is Vivienne Senden my dad is and he is still alive Harry Peter Korsman. he was in 460 Sqn as a pilot. I would love to know more about 460 Sqn thank you Vivienne. I await your replay via my e-mail.

    • alexiskuzmick says:

      Hi Vivienne,

      My great uncle, a Canadian with the RAAF, and his crew (from Squadron 460) were shot down in December 1943, and only three survived – not Uncle Ivan, unfortunately. Maybe because she lost him so early, his mother kept all his letters, photos, flight book, etc.

      When I saw that your dad is still living, I wanted to let you know right away, because the letters I have are pretty interesting, and perhaps he’d be interested in reading them, or they might help prompt his memory for you. Ivan’s anecdote about the day the BBC came to record them is what brought me to this site via a Google search, in fact. It’s too late for me to talk about it all with my grandparents etc, but if I can be any help to you and your dad, let me know and I can email you some scans.

      Alexis Kuzmick

      • Richard Munro says:

        Hi Alexis,
        Vivienne mentioned your enquiry. From our records, I gather your great uncle was Flight Sergeant Ivan Rodin RCAF shot down on his 28th operation, the 2 December 1943’s raid on Berlin – 460 Squadron lost 5 aircraft that night, with two of these having a member of the press on board.
        Please email me on Richard@munroconsulting.com.au and I can provide you with more information.
        Thanks & cheers,
        Richard Munro
        Committee member of 460 Squadron Veterans & Friends Group

      • Matthew Paton says:

        Hi Alexis
        My great uncle PLTOFF Neville Jack Anderson RAAF flew 28 of his 29 missions as the navigator with your great uncle. He was one of the three survivors when their aircraft was shot down.
        I would be grateful if you have any information or photos regarding their time together.



  4. Matthew Paton says:

    Hi Alexis
    I am researching our family history and our great uncle Neville Anderson flew with his your great uncle Ivan Rodin as his navigator for his 28 missions. We have very little information regarding his war service and wonder if you have any information regarding him your great uncles papers.

  5. Matthew Paton says:

    Hi Alexis
    I saw your comments regarding your great uncle Rodin. I am researching our great Uncle Neville Anderson who flew 28 missions with Ivan as the navigator. He was one of the lucky ones on the 2 Dec 43. Unfortunately most of our great uncles personal records went missing over time. I was wondering if there is any mention of him in your uncle’s papers. I would appreciate any assistance in any information you may have.
    Matthew Paton


  6. Fleur Goulding says:

    Lovely to see a picture of my darling father Jack Goulding and his crew.

  7. Alan Farrar says:

    I’m tracing information about the crew of 460 Squadron Lancaster which my uncle James Douglas (Doug) Hocking piloted on a number of sorties over Germany. Unfortunately they didn’t return from Berlin on 1 Sept 1943.
    I understand from my late mother that two of the crew survived the air crash and remained with burns in a prison hospital in Germany until their return home at the war’s end.
    Are you aware whether either of the gentlemen are still living, or whether any of the crew’s familys have stories to pass onto my family?
    Additionally, my son visited his great uncle’s grave yesterday in Berlin. He is the first of our family to visit his grave. Photos show the cemetry to be in outstanding condition. The Commonwealth War Graves Commission should be commended for their commitment to those who didn’t return.
    kindest regards,
    Alan Farrar

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