Binbrook 1943 – Home of 460 Squadron

The lancasters of 460 squadron and their home in Binbrook
Binbrook was the home of 460 Squadron from 1943 until the end of the war. It was here that my crew and I were to complete the 30 missions of our first tour.

 Binbrook Airfield

Binbrook Airfield – #1

I suppose the total population of Binbrook, taking in the Squadron, Station and Base personnel would have numbered about two thousand. The squadron would have contributed some three hundred aircrew plus as many again ground staff as each aircraft had a sergeant and five airmen responsible for its day to day maintenance. The sergeants were all Australians, part of the RAAF, but the airmen were all Britishers in the RAF.

Our ground crew were headed by Jack Jones(1)  until he was repatriated to Australia and then ‘Spud’ Murphy(2) took over. His wife was named Beryl and he painted her name on the fuselage of ‘O’ Oboe just below the pilot’s window.

Binbrook 460 Squadron ground crew –

Each crew cherished their own plane and regarded it as much their own as the crew that flew it. They expected the air-crew to take good care of it – not to abuse the engines by running them outside their recommended specifications and not to bring it back with too many flak holes in it.

For our part we appreciated them and recognised that our lives were very much dependent on their dedication and diligence. It was the captain’s job to be as much an encouragement to them as it was to lead his own aircrew.

At the end of our tour all of us (air-crew and ground crew) met for an evening’s celebration in the Marquis of Grandby in Binbrook village.

S/L Leatherdale 460 Squadron

As well as the squadron personnel there were all the Station and Base people – armourers, transport drivers, cooks, batmen and batwomen, signal and radar personnel, admin types, service police, intelligence officers, meteorologists, airfield control staff and what have you.

Some of these we got to know quite well. There was Leatherdale(3) the Station Intelligence Officer who always controlled the de- briefing and had to report to Group on the results of each raid. He was a Squadron Leader and, no doubt, a permanent RAF officer. We were in the Service only for the duration.

At the end of our tour he gave me all of the target photos taken from the ‘O’ Oboe camera and we shared these out amongst us.

 Landing a Lancaster Bomber

Lancaster Bomber – #3

There was also Foggo(4) the Air-field Controller who reigned as king in his control tower marshalling the planes off and back on again after the raid. He was ably supported by Womens’ Auxiliary Air Force (WAAF) operators whose welcome voice was heard as the various planes checked in when approaching the drome on their return.

The usual patter was:

“Leary from Oboe! Over!”— “Oboe 1500!”— “Oboe 1500! Out!” 

Oboe would then circle the drome at 1500 feet or whatever other height was given until further instructed. “Leary” was the call-sign given to the Binbrook drome.

SL Foggo 460 Squadron

Depending on just how many planes were stacked up at 500 feet intervals eventually the call would come; “Oboe 1000”. This would be acknowledged and “Oboe” would let down and join the circuit following the drem lights, which encircled the drome.

When on the downwind leg Oboe would report “Oboe downwind.” At this point the undercarriage would be lowered and flaps set at 15 or 20 degrees to give the pilot greater control at lower speeds.

The flaps would go down to 40 degrees when turning crosswind and letting down to 600 feet and then, when the final turn was made on to the runway Oboe would report “Oboe funnels!” – the drem lights at this point would form a funnel leading down to the start of the runway. Leary would then come back with “Oboe pancake!” meaning land or “Oboe overshoot!” if there was any problem ahead: such as an obstruction on the runway – maybe the previous plane had burst a tyre or was slow in clearing the runway.

Lancaster bomber cockpit – #4

Once the go-ahead was given the pilot would order “Full flaps!”, “Fine pitch!”. The engineer would respond, slackening the throttle control screw at the same time to give the pilot easy control of the four throttles.

He would then have to descend so as to come over the fence at about 100 feet and 110 mph and, once over, it would be “Power off!”. The engineer would then drag the throttles right back and virtually hang on them to make sure they were off and the pilot would then have to juggle the plane down on to the ground.

The last message to the control tower would be “Oboe clear!” as the plane turned off the runway. There would be no response from Leary except that, on our last trip, Leary did respond with a “Congratulations Oboe!”.

The WAFFs were something like mother hens gathering all their chicks home and fretting over those who did not turn up. Some of these girls are still alive and come out to our Squadron reunions.

 WAAF at Binbrook

WAAF – #6

Speaking of these girls brings me to the presence of girls generally on the station. Of these there were many serving in various roles within the WAAF and they provided one of the unique features of Bomber Command’s war. The Navy at sea was, in those days an all male affair, so was that of the Army in the field. But, for Bomber Command there was the strange mixture of lonely hours of peril and death in the skies over Germany interspersed with days of gracious, comfortable living made more homely by the presence of female company.

Of course there was a lot of fraternising, although it was kept within bounds by the recognised rules of propriety and by the discipline exercised over the WAAF force by its officers. Many genuine romances were initiated and developed between air-crew and some of these girls, although some suggest today that many of the girls were careful not to get too involved with air-crew because of the tenuous nature of their existence.

Group Captain (Hughie) H.I.Edwards 460 Squadron (right)

My own relationships were mainly with WAAF officers and this was because, soon after our arrival on the squadron, it was indicated to myself and Bluey Williams(5) that we were ‘expected’ to attend the Sunday afternoon ‘tea’ hosted by the WAAF Officers in their own mess.

We did as we were told and, on our first visit, Hughie Edwards(6) also attended and sang an air-force ditty. I was certainly surprised to see the Station Commander so relaxed and prepared to shake down with all of us lesser mortals. It augured well for the spirit of the Squadron to which we were now attached. But, it was an Australian squadron and Hughie who had a VC, DSO and DFC was an Australian serving in the RAF.

It was at one of these ‘pleasant Sunday afternoons’ some month’s later that I met Anne my wife, but more of that later.

We had come across from Hemswell in an Air-force tender — seven men with all of their worldly belongings. There was an initial period of familiarisation, of learning the ‘drill’ and meeting up with persons of significance: the Squadron Adjutant; the commander of the flight to which we were assigned and, in my case, with the C.O. of the Squadron, Wing Commander Douglas(7), who recognised me and greeted me in the Officers’ Mess at meal-time on that very first day.

Crew Jack Goulding (foreground), Harry Ellis (top right),
Me (center with Ruby and Jean) – B Flight party 460 Squadron

We were all accommodated in the quarters to which we were assigned — the NCOs of the crew in the NCOs’ quarters, and Harry Ellis and myself, as commissioned officers, but  very new ones, in a separate two-story brick building along the road that led to the ‘Waafery’. The poor girls, even their officers, had only Nissan huts’; but, there was a war on, and, in those days, it was the men who fought and ‘had contact with the enemy ‘( not an altogether appropriate term, as not a few Waafs were killed by bombs and Buzz-bombs dropped by the enemy) who were to be given the home comforts that they deserved.

I shared a room on the upper floor of the building with ‘Ocker’ Hanrahan(8), the first pilot of  ‘O’ – Oboe, whose plane I was to inherit. Until that time came, ‘Ocker’ made it quite clear that it was his plane and that he did not want a new pilot bringing it back in any way damaged. I recall at least one occasion when he waited by the dispersal to make sure it had returned.

There were two Waafs detailed as bat-women to the building in which I was housed. I guess they made the beds and kept the quarters clean. We were not particularly interested in their duties but we enjoyed their friendship and encouragement. ‘Ruby’ had a friend — a Canadian officer — who often called to visit her, whilst ‘Jean’, who was not so fortunate, made a special appeal to Santa on Christmas Day by hanging up her stocking with a note enclosed: “Please send me a man!”

They were, both of them, lovely girls.

WAAFs at B Flight party 460 Squadron – Crew Jack McQueen (bottom right)

But, we were not there to enjoy home comforts and very soon preparation, in the form of training exercises, began for the real thing.

 460 Squadron personnel

(1) Sergeant J.A.Jones Aus.22254 – 15/4/40 to 31/8/45

(2) Sergeant Murphy

(3) Squadron Leader Leatherdale – RAF

(4) Squadron Leader Foggo – RAF

(5) Flying Officer John L. Williams DFC  Aus 418475

(6) Air Commodore (then Group Captain)  H. I. Edwards V.C, D.S.O., D.F.C.  – RAF

(7) Wing Commander John K. Douglas D.F.C. , A.F.C. Aus 403564 – K.I.A. 8/2/45

(8) Flying Officer A.A. Hanrahan Aus 410976

SL Foggo
SL Leatherdale

 Acknowledgements and attributions

Image #1 – – Binbrook Airfield
Image #2 – – Binbrook 460 Squadron ground crew
Image #4 – – Lancaster bomber cockpit
Image #5 – – Binbrook Control tower


91 Responses to Binbrook 1943 – Home of 460 Squadron

  1. rafrotor says:

    Thank you to all Australians who fought with Bomber Command. We in Britain remember

  2. vicki says:

    My Grandfather and his twin brother were RAF ground crew based in Binbrook. Due to their experience with the RAAF both decided to immigrate to Australia. I’m currently looking for their service record as both have passed on and all we have is a few photos

  3. Andy Newman says:

    My Grandfather was a flight engineer based at Binbrook. Unfortunately he was killed Christmas eve 1944. I have photo’s of the crew his medals and the service record and training book he was given along with the letter sent to my late gran christmas day informing her of her loss.

    • David Tod says:

      Hello Andy, My father was a WOP/AG on 460 and he was married to my mother on 4 Nov 1944 in Derby, England. His best man was Russell Ian Stewart, the WOP on your Grandfather’s crew and now buried with him in Oostelbeers. I have been writing a history of Dad’s time in 460 and have included a section on Russell and his fellow crew members. I would love to include a picture of the crew if you would consider emailing one. Also, have you ever been in contact with Adrian van Zantvoort? He has researched this crash and tended the graves for many years and is trying to contact family members regarding a Service he is planning for may next year.
      David Tod

      • Ann Davis says:

        David – your Mother came to live with us in Grimsby after she married your father, and the whole crew used to come to our house after raids. I was only 8 or 9 at the time but recall all the stories of Australia they used to tell me and how I used to play cards with them! I did visit your parents in Australia, but lost touch some years ago. Your mother would sit saying ‘hark, hark’ listening for the planes coming back from their raids. I would like to know if you did publish the story of the squadron – I had thought your father was working on the history too.
        Ann (Pendegrass) Davis

      • David Tod says:

        Hello Ann, Thanks for your comment below, as there is no “reply” button to click on I am replying to my own comment in the hope you will see it. I do remember Mum often talking about you and your family and we may have met when you visited here. I would love to get in touch again if you could email me at

    • Rebecca says:

      Hi Andy, my name is Rebecca newman, I’m tracing my family tree on behalf of my father Clive Henry newman. His father was John richard Walter newman and he had several brothers and a sister, maud Ethel, George William ( my grandfather john richard Walter ) Harold Edward Arthur and Thomas Charles. It would be fantastic to hear back from you as my father is very keen to know all about his uncle. Many thanks.

  4. Anne Schofield says:

    My father, Guy Schofield, flew with the 460 Squadron at Binbrook as Wireless Operator and there was a photo of him with the crew (L25) in front of the Lancaster Aussie2 in 1944, which has been regrettably lost. If anyone knows where a copy may be available, please let me know. Thanks – his daughter, Anne. PS Thanks for the stories!

    • Richard Munro says:

      Hi Anne,
      I believe I know the photo you are referring to – please email me on and I’ll get a copy to you

      • Scoffy says:

        Hi Richard – I don’t believe it! Are you serious? It’s the oldest photo of my father in existence and is the only one where he doesn’t have a moustache.

        I so hope it’s the one! I recall it’d been raining and there’s a car in the background.

        Thank you big time for your hard work on all this – I do so appreciate it. I wish you a Happy New Year and all the best for 2015.

        Anne Schofield

        Sent from Samsung Mobile

  5. Ian Good says:

    I have just seen on SBS National TV News here in Australia a story about Binbrook & Aus commitment to the war effort there. I believe you are struggling to get Binbrook recognised so can you tell me how I can make a donation to you ?

  6. Joanne Moore says:

    Dad, Owen Milton Moore, was a Warrant Officer for 460 and flew “R” Robert. Mum, Dorothy Hallam, was also stationed there with the WAAF and the rest, as they say, is history! I am visiting the UK as from 25th Sep 2014 and will go and visit whatever remains of Binbrook. Really wish to see the pub where Dad signed the ceiling. Can anyone help with that or any other info that would be useful. We are travelling from Australia.

  7. Joanne Moore says:

    Thanks Peter for the link, I didn’t realise that there is such a thing, how wonderful. We have a great family history of Binbrook, as my Uncle was Dad’s rear gunner and after the war, Mum and Dad being married during the war, my uncle married my Mother’s sister. We all grew up as one big family. It will be good to visit the site where all this history originated. The other thing that I am having trouble with is finding anyone connected with 460 that can help me with ANZAC day commemorations that I could possibly become involved in.

  8. Peter Baskerville says:

    My dad’s records show that O.M. Moore was a pilot who did 29 ops in 1943 for 460 squadron. His crew included Cattanach A.J. (engineer) Nayler R.J (Bomb aimer) Arthur F.A. (Navigator) Baudinette I.S. (Wireless operator) and Bartram R. and Webster R.S. as (Gunners). Others that flew with him included Hatfield E.J. (Engineer) Deveridge L.A. (Navigator) Gorrell H.A. and Hurley H.A. (Wireless operators).

  9. Barry Jackson says:

    I have just got back from Binsbrook and I was horrified by what has transpired. My Uncle flew in 463 Squadron at Waddington and I attended the ANZAC day ceremony this year which was attended by many locals who have been working tirelessly to remember the contribution Aussies made during the war. Martin Willoughby, a RAF veteran is the current Chairman of the 463/467 Squadron Association and his father was assigned to 463/467 Squadron during the war and was Chairman for many years before he died. Martin’s father did a lot of the work on “S for Sugar”, 467 Squadron Lancaster now displayed at Hendon and also came over to Australia with “G for George” during the war and again when it was being prepared for display at the Australian War Museum. Martin has just been diagnosed with Leukaemia and is battling this at the moment. I attended Binsbrook with Martin and Ray Whiteley was working tirelessly on a new facility to replace the two shipping containers that currently show relics from the war years and afterwards as a Lightning Squadron base. Ray attended Binsbrook on ANZAC day by himself (as he does just about every day of the year) and presented a wreath on behalf of all that served and were lost from 460 Squadron. Ray is in desperate need of assistance and it would be nice to have a dedication to the men and women who served and died from this airfield during the war and some recognition for the work Ray has done over the years. I will contact Mark Binskin, head of the RAAF, and see what can be done to assist. Next year I intend to attend Waddington on Anzac day and ensure that the Anzac centenary will be a wonderful day and hopefully the weather will be fine enough for the traditional flypast of the Lancaster to occur. This year overcast and rain prevented this happening.

    • Jo Moore says:

      Yes thst is my Dad, his rear gunner Reg Webster ended up marrying my mothers sister, so we always stayed one big family.

    • Jo Moore says:

      Yes Barry , I was at Binbrook only a week ago and pretty sad at the way things look, but I understand the people power it takes to achieve what needs to be achieved there. I live in Australia and am trying to think of how I can assist. I wonder if our war memorial people are interested, would you know?

  10. Brendan Reid says:

    My grandfather was in Unit B 460 Squadron, worked his way from Corporal to Warrant Officer and served as a Flight Engineer. I am looking for records of his escapades/missions – he was Edward James Hartfield, service number 521760.

  11. Richard Munro says:

    Hi all users of this 460 Squadron site,
    I am a committee member of the Sydney (Australia) based 460 Squadron Veterans & Friends Group – the committee members are all sons & daughters of 460 Sqn Veterans. We seek to make contact with every living 460 Sqn Veteran, their Widows, families and friends throughout the world, so they can receive our quarterly bulletin and potentially make contact with family & friends who knew their interested Veteran. We can also assist people with operational summaries for our Veterans time on 460 Squadron.
    I thank Jon Ives for making me aware of this site.
    If you have any questions on 460 Squadron or would like to know more about the 460 Sqn V&F Group, please contact me on my email:
    Richard Munro

  12. Rowena Archer says:

    Hello all. I am the daughter of Ken Archer 460 Squadron. In 2015 I will be visiting the Netherlands to do research re Operation/s Manna and Exodus. Any information welcome. Also am seeking relatives of Russell Ian Stewart who passed away in a crash in 1944 in Oostelbeers. Contact myself or David Tod (see previous posts).

  13. Nicola says:

    Hi Rowena,
    That’s very interesting because the primary school at Binbrook is currently working on a project, liaising with a Dutch school, as part of the 70th anniversary commemorations for Operation Manna. The link below has some info and although you probably know most of it, there are some other interesting links. Please drop us a line if we can be of any help. Regards, Jon.

  14. Joanne Moore says:

    Hi Richard,
    Your are a busy guy! Thanks for the response, I live in Shellharbour NSW about 2 hours south of Sydney. Keen to find out about ANZAC stuff that relates to 460 and any other events that may be upcoming. Not sure if I mentioned but I visited Binbrook in September last year, it is quite amazing that so much infrastructure is still there, it gives a pretty good picture of what it used to be like.

  15. Jillian Grey says:

    This is a fabulous site! My father and mother in-law were both stationed at Binbrook, she was an English WAAf and he was a navigator in the 460 Squadron, they married in England and moved back to Australia. Would love to find and records on their time at Binbrook.

  16. Richard Munro says:

    Hi Jillian,
    I am a committee member of Sydney (Australia) based 460 Squadron Veterans & Friends Group. can you please also send me your parent’s full names to plus any specific questions that you have and I should be able to assist with some records and information?
    Richard Munro

  17. Richard Munro says:

    Please refer to my posting of 5 November 2014. I am happy if you direct people enquiring about 460 Sqn personnel to me.
    I’ll email you direct and explain about your father’s medals
    Richard Munro
    Committee member 460 Sqn Veterans & Friends Group

  18. Joanne Moore says:

    Hi again Richard
    Not sure if I replied to you re ANZAC commemorations and 460 Squadron as I can’t find anything from you re these in the emails I have kept. I know of the one in June but am wondering about ANZAC Day this year, do you know of anything happening where 460 people or relatives might be involved?
    Thanks and sorry if I have repeated myself
    Jo Moore

    • Tom Baskerville says:

      Hi Jo. Interesting reading all of these comments on our shared interest in 460 and Binbrook. I have been lucky enough to get there twice in 2097 and 2012. Unfortunately the officers mess has been demolished now but was still there in 2007. I did a DVD video back in 2007 which I would be happy to send you if you are interested. Tom (Peter’s brother).

  19. Richard Munro says:

    Hi Jo,
    I’ll reply direct to your email re your 24/3/15 post

  20. peter says:

    My grandad was based at binbrook and flew 30 missions.he was a mid upper gunner.

  21. G’day Richard
    Yesterday I attended the funeral of Pilot Officer (Ret.) Murray Leo Armstrong, who died at the age of 92 on 22 June. He enlisted in Queensland and was trained by the RAAF, before transfer to Binbrook and installation as Navigator on board Lancaster “G for George”. This aircraft is now in the Australian War Memorial in Canberra ACT, having been fully restored about 12 years ago according to the Eulogy delivered by his son. Under pilot John Critchley (sic) Leo flew missions 87, 88 and 89, after which that aircraft was retired from service. Leo was President of 460 Squadron’s NSW Branch from 2005-2007.

    • Richard Munro says:

      Hi Bruce,
      I am sorry that I didn’t get to meet you at Leo’s funeral. I was the one who gave his ‘military eulogy’.
      If possible can you please email me on so we can take this up directly?
      Richard Munro

  22. Tony Bryant says:

    My father Flt Sgt. John Derrick “JD” Bryant was stationed at Binbrook and was killed on a mission over Germany on 12 March 1945.
    I would appreciate hearing from anyone with any information about him.

    • brian wyeth says:

      I just realised that that j.d.bryant was buried at reichswald forest cemetery same day as Kenneth grundy my wifes relative I am guessing since there 6 of them they are the crew.the info I had been give from his squadron records was that he had been killed in malaya .which is 6 thousand miles away .jd Bryant 18625 f/sgt was one of the 6

      • Richard Munro (committee member of 460 SQN Veterans & Friends Group) says:

        Hi Brian,
        Further to the reply that I just posted, I confirm that Kenneth Grundy was shot down on the 12 March 1945 raid on Dortmund – the Rear Gunner Sgt E D Grant RAF was the only survivor. The other six on the crew are buried in Reichswald Forest Cemetery.
        I can provide more info to you and Tony Bryant by email.
        Richard Munro

  23. Richard Munro says:

    Hi Tony,
    Can you please email me on
    I can put together an Operational Summary for your father to give to you.
    Where are you located? I am a committee member of the Sydney based 460 Sqn Veterans & Friends Group & editor of our quarterly bulletin.
    Looking forward to hearing from you

  24. Susan Watson says:

    Hi, I am trying to find my mother Auntie who married an Austrailian Airman Geoffrey Stewart Jordan married Marjorie Elkington1945 who was/had been married to William Tadman.

    He served at RAF Binbrook, they were both married over here then emigrated. After 1949 I cannot find a trace. I believe they had a son Roger William Jordan.

    I wonder if anyone can help please?

  25. Richard Munro says:

    Hi Susan,
    I’m on the committee of 460 Sqn Veterans & Friends Group.
    Geoffrey or Marjorie are not on our current contacts list.
    Can you please email me with the above information to: and I’ll see whether I can assist
    Richard Munro

  26. jayne joseph says:


    i believe my grandfather Jack Salmon was a flight engineer. could you confirm and let me know where i can track down some photographs and information please.

    jayne joseph

  27. brian wyeth says:

    Hi Richard I wonder if you can help me?i have started to research Kenneth Grundy who was in b460 squadron he was killed in 1945 in Malaya a relative of my wife.he is buried in reichswald forest cemetery 12 of march 1945 along with j.d.bryant and g.l burgess also d.a little and p.c. sweetman. Kenneth was a sergeant w.o

  28. bharold02 says:

    Hi Richard I would be very interested in any thing you can tell me about Kenneth grundy

  29. Rob Wethly says:

    I’m looking for my research about the 24 war graves in my hometown Schoonebeek (the Netherlands), information about several 460 RAAF squadron airmen. In special available picture(s) or portrait picture(s) of Jack Stanley Biffen Service No: 411839 RAAF, Eric Rowlands RAF Service No: 1040539 RAF and Frederick Wilson Ralph, Service No: R/152317 RCAF.
    These men are crewmembers of the Lancaster W4984 with Call Sign AR-J 460 RAAF Squadron, crashed on 24 May 1943 in Schoonebeek (6 KIA and 1 POW). All other pictures are most welcome, including a complete crew picture or picture of the Lancaster W4984 with Call Sign AR-J

    Crew details:

    Beresford Milton Troy Davis, Service No: 405966 RAAF, Pilot, Date of Birth: 20 October 1920
    Kenneth Douglas Dyce, Service No: 412411 RAAF, Navigator. Date of Birth: 1921
    Frederick Wilson Ralph, Service No: R/152317 RCAF, Air Gunner. Date of Birth: 29 August 1918
    Eric Rowlands, Service No: 1040539 RAF, Flight Engineer. Date of Birth: 5 September 1905
    Jack Stanley Biffen, Service No: 411839 RAAF, Wireless Operator. Date of Birth: 28 September 1921
    Charles Sinclair Wright, Service No: 421066, Air Gunner. Date of Birth: ?

    Clarence Goldthorpe, Service No: 405849 RAAF, Date of Birth: 5 July 1911

    I did checked website several times for the RAAF airmen. All files contains a portrait picture except the file of Jack Stanley Biffen.

    With kind regards,



  30. Dawn Brown says:

    i am looking for info on the ground crew of 460 , namely Lesley Joseph Hopkins, i do not have his info any more as i gave it all to the BBMF during the 1998 southend airshow, when my dads ashes were released form the BBMF during the airshow, and i didnt make notes so would love to know more , as far as i know he was associated /posted with the 460 , any help will be most greatfully recived , thanking you , he would have been 93 on 28th april this year xx

  31. b winkworth says:

    My uncle, Ivor j Higgins w/operator 460 sq at bin took,may 43 to July 45, had his 94 birthday last week. Can anybody help to find out the La casters number, the pilots name,a f crowe.

  32. Angela silk says:

    My dad was in 460 sqadron….a bomb loader..I have a photo of him…also one in his uniform…stationed at bin brook. …Bernard lewis. …can I post his pics.?

  33. Lindsay Cheal says:

    As I stated in a previous email, I am a collector of all things RAAF and am presently preparing for a display at Bathurst. While going through my items, I have found a memorial certificate to 416953 Graham Athol Grant, should anyone like a scan.

  34. Graham Crane says:

    I am trying to find a good home for the Collection of personal memrobila relating to Warrant Officer Geoffrey Wyman Worley (1st November 1945) He was rear gunner RAAF. 460 Squadron “B” Flight A.R.O 968G – Pilot A.A.Hanrahan . Regretfully Geoff died some time ago and his Family on clearing his house found a large amount of original paperwork ,photos etc it looks like he was in the process of writing about his 30 missions 1943-45
    He was a keen pilot after the war and with his wife attended many reunions down under.
    These historical facts are too good for a skip and need to be seen. If you can help find a good home please email me grahamecrane44@gmail .com
    Graham Crane, Bourne Lincolnshire

  35. Rob Wethly says:

    I would suggest you contact Richard Munro, he is committee member of the 460 Squadron Veterans & Friends Group and ask him what to do. I can provide his email address if needed?

  36. Graham Crane says:

    Thank you Rob would appreciate it very much

  37. Helen Binstead says:

    Hi Everyone,
    My Dad was a pilot in the 460 Squadron..his plane was B for Baker. His name was Douglas Arthur James. An Aussie…flew in the later part of the war.
    I am very proud of my Father.. altho Dad died at 51. He was proud of his time in the 460 Squadron…

    • David Tod (460 Sqn Veterans and Friends Group) says:

      Hi Helen, I looked up your Father’s details and found he completed 6 Ops between 14/4/45 and 5/5/45 including 4 Operation Manna Ops. Please contact me if I can help you with any further information.

  38. Barbara Barker says:

    Could you please see if my father John Frayne, a medical officer was there?
    He was definitely part of the 460 squadron in England. He was from Adelaide, South Australia.
    Barbara Barker

  39. Helen Binstead says:

    Hi Barbara,
    obviously you have your answer from Admin.
    but I will look for anything written about your Dad, as well, when I’m there, and grab a photo..
    Hopefully I’ll find something ,
    Cheers Helen..

  40. Barbara Barker says:

    Do you have any information regarding my father John Frayne?
    AlsoI would like general information about the 460 squadron.
    Barbara Barker

  41. Robert Hess says:

    This is a long shot. Myself and my brother are trying to discover any information regarding our father Douglas Hess. He was an air gunner on Wellingtons and Lancasters and said he joined 460 “because the Aussies were better beer drinkers than the RAF boys”.
    Many thanks
    Robert Hess

    • David Tod says:

      Hi Robert, I am a committee member of the 460 Squadron Veterans and Friends Group in Sydney, Australia, I have looked in two 460 Squadron databases and can’t find any reference to the name Hess. I assume your father was not Australian as I searched the Australian War Memorial Nominal Roll for WW2 RAAF and there is no Douglas Hess listed, maybe he was on another Australian Sqn?


    I’m saddened to inform everyone of the passing away of another member of your Squadron. Warrant Officer Allan Avery Farr DFM, an Englishman, served with 460 Sq. at Binbrook in 1944-45 and passed away aged 95 on the 26th July 2018. This was his second ‘tour’ having completed a tour with RAF 100 Sq. earlier in 1944. He had some fond memories, even though the times were tough. I have some information about his flights but not about his crew. If you have any details on this i’d very much like to hear from you.

    • Richard Munro says:

      Hi Richard, I am so sorry to hear of Allan’s death – we are currently losing too many of our WWII legends at too fast a rate, e.g. we have had 3 460 Sqn Veterans’ funeral services in the past 36 hours, two in Australia and one in Lincolnshire.
      I am a member of the Sydney Australia 460 Sqn Veterans & Friends Group. Would you please email me on: so I can give you more information about Allan’s 2nd tour on 460 Sqn?
      Thank you,
      Richard Munro

      • MR RICHARD ELVINS says:

        Thanks for your condolences, I’ve attempted emailing you at the address shown but it keeps getting pinged back saying not available. Can you give me any help with that?

      • Richard Munro says:

        Hi Richard,
        Found the reason your emails are having troubles getting to me – I made a typo with my email address it should read: – my apologies
        Looking forward to hearing from you

  43. barry says:

    I have a log book completed by Ken Murray after he completed his tour in Q for Queenie.Looking for any information about him. Thanks Barry

  44. barry says:

    Thank you for the link. I have emailed you about the 31 ops he did. Thanks again.

  45. Marc Landry says:

    My father Oscar Landry was stationed at Binbrook in the last year of the war. He came from Canada and was assigned to the Aussie 460 2nd Lieutenant …flew 25 odd missions navigating a Lancaster. The internet is great. He used to tell me about raids on Bremen and Hamburg but later on i found out that they dropped tonnes of supplies for the dutch as well.i really wished i had poked him for more info over the years. When thexwar ended…he was 24 and not yet married and that allowed him to stay at Binbrook util September 45. Apparently these were good times..imagine how good that must have been. As a Canadian…i have always felt we were so much like Aussies in just about every way. The story of the English and there strength in those 6 years is one of the most inspiring stories that I know. A visit to Binbrook some day is on my bucket list for sure. Gonna have to wait until my son is an adult but thats not far off.

    • Richard Munro says:

      Hi Marc,
      I’m a member of the Sydney Australia based 460 Squadron Veterans & Friends Group & the Editor of our Quarterly bulletin. Your dad was one of 63 RCAF aircrew who flew with 460 Sqn during WWII. Can you please email me on and I’ll provide some infomation on your father that you may not have seen before.
      I look forward to hearing from you
      Richard Munro

      • bbark says:

        Hi Richard  My father, John Felix Frayne, was part of the 460 Squadron in England during WW2 and I am seeking his service number. He was born on 10/2/1914. Could you possibly advise me on the best way to find out.

        Kind regards 

        Barbara Barker 1 Columbia Ave  Clapham  South Australia  mob 0432028490 

        Sent from Samsung Mobile

      • Site Admin says:

        The following Flight Lieutenants are promoted to the temporary rank of Squadron Leader with effect from Ist December, 1943:-J. F. Frayne (281244) ,

  46. Lindsay Cheal says:


    • bbark says:

      Thank you for your speedy response…..however Dad doesn’t seem to be on the list of personnel of 460 squadron…. Barbara Barker 

      Sent from Samsung Mobile

  47. Lindsay Cheal says: check this site for details.

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